When users open the mini program nearby, they will see a list of local businesses including restaurants, beauty salons, and coffee shops, showing how far they are from the user. Mini programs have a low threshold for users to access service and are able to reach a large potential user base. Merchants can maximise the traffic for their online services and create better transaction scenarios. Customer can link to a merchant’s public account. Public account is an extra channel to interact with the consumer, creating more touch points, enhancing the user experience, and ultimately expanding its user base. Bike rental and mobile rental mini programs are the most often used. Users are able to locate services immediately with mini-programs.

当用户打开临近的小程序时,他们可看到当地商家的列表,包括餐厅、美容院、咖啡店,并显示他们与用户的距离。小程序的用户访问门槛较低,因此可以累积较大的潜在用户群。商家可以把线上服务最大化并创造更好的交易情况。同时,用户还可连接到商家的公众号。商家可使用更多渠道与消费者互动,创造更多接触点、增强用户体验并最终扩大其用户群。 自行车租赁和移动租赁小程序是最常用的。用户可以使用小程序即刻搜寻到相关服务。