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Business digitalisation isn’t just automation or removing manual work but also making sure your business presences appear in the digital world. To stay on the edge of competition, business owners must ensure the right audience can reach them easily whether on the Google search engine or social media platforms. With the right push marketing strategies, you can shorten the prospects’ gap with your business and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers significantly. In Bravo Net, we are a team that specialises in search engine marketing (Google Ads particularly), search engine optimisation, Google Display network and e-commerce enhancement to make sure your digital marketing spending is worth the ROI.


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Social Media Ads & Marketing Consultancy


Website Enhancement For Search Engine Optimisation

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Google Search and Display Ads


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Content Marketing


Email Marketing


Social Media Marketing

In the digital world, social media is where most people connect with friends, get news and engage with their favourite brands. Since people spend a lot of time on these social platforms, it is important to know how to engage your audience and what tools you can use to  effectively target the people who matter to your brand.


Search Engine Optimisation

Nowadays, people use search engines to find everything they need in their lives. For this reason, optimising your website or your content is a useful way to promote your brand by increasing its visibility in search engine results. This includes a well-built website, well-linked links,and most importantly, good content that is relevant to users’ search criteria.


Search Engine Marketing

Similar to SEO, the goal of SEM is to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results. It is a form of paid advertising that involves a strategy to buy ads with appropriate keywords and placements. The audience is already interested in products or services related to your brand; you just have to meet them halfway.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which promotional messages are sent by email to a specific group of people. The messages are usually tailored to the recipient and contain attractive offers or calls to action to persuade the target group to take a particular action. The purpose of email marketing is to increase awareness of your brand; persuade your target audience to buy; build brand loyalty; and more.


Search Engine Marketing (Google Search Ads) & Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

In Bravo Net, we propose conversion-oriented goals as the final result of our SEO and SEM strategies. We’ve been in the industry for more than 12 years and helped our clients to increase their leads and sales by using the right pull marketing strategies. Based on actual statistics, we realised that organic traffic has a higher conversion compared with paid traffic such as search and display ads. Whitehat method SEO takes time to build traffic but it’s the safest way to avoid your site being penalised by Google SERP. This is the reason we always suggest combining SEO and SEM as your pull marketing tactic for your website.

It’s worth taking note that your website content doesn’t only contribute to your SEO, but it plays a huge role in optimising your Google ads which will increase your website quality score tremendously, hence it will increase your ads ranking and lower your ads cost per click. The rest of the important factors include the meta info of your website, content structure, mobile optimised, and website loading speed has a significant impact on building quality traffics to your website, increasing the click-through ratio and conversion as well.

What’s our SEO & SEM service approach?

We always start with understanding the objectives & goals of the marketing campaign and advise business owners to go with the right platform according to their objectives and revenue models. ​​

Next, is to understand the entire campaign budget and duration. With this information, we can estimate the range of traffic and leads that can generate within the period.​

To make sure every single spending is worth the value, our team always conducts a deep analysis and enhancement with several advanced tools to the targeted website or landing page to make sure it’s being optimised for pull marketing ads such as Google ads and SEO.​

Lastly is to monitor and continuously optimise the strategies to make sure we can achieve the optimum result. Every single month we will provide a monthly report for our clients on the performance of the ads and communicate with them to make sure that the result is in line with their goals.