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Classic Chair System Sdn Bhd provides a one-stop office furniture solution and continuously strives to research and develop the most innovative office seating furniture. With more than 30 years of chair manufacturing and exporting experience in the furniture industry, they are one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of high-quality modern office furniture.


The traditional way of getting sales is to hire a salesperson and provide them with commissions to motivate them to close as many sales as possible for the company. But dealing with humans always creates uncertainty issues, which cause more losses than benefits. The ROI of investing in a salesperson isn’t always in one on one or more, it often is less than that, and most of the time it isn’t because of the product of the company but the people who caused unnecessary problems.


Pull marketing helps businesses present themselves to their potential customers at the right time and place. By understanding the nature of business and the source of customer behavior, Classic Chair’s potential customers and clients from all over the world search for office furniture through referrals and search engines (mainly Google). Bravo Net Solution ensures that their website appears on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERP) when potential keywords related to their website are searched. By optimising organic search strategies and Google ads, we were able to help the company reduce the cost of hiring salespeople and increase the number of sales enquiries by five times at an even lower cost. (e-Commerce Solutions)


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Dodo® Car Mat is one of the best and most innovative car mats in Malaysia, they provide dual-layer car mats that are easy for installation, cleaning, maintenance, odourless, water-resistant, and hiding dirt. They offer various types of car mats for your vehicle, Sedan, SUV, MPV and Hatchback.


The existing e-commerce SAAS providers only focus on the mass market. Customisation isn’t the option for businesses that are serious about venturing into their e-commerce channel. Businesses that go with the SAAS e-commerce platform has become the “me too” players in building their digital sales channel where their only way to be outstanding is to be very competitive in their marketing strategies which are categorised as red ocean strategies.


Companies like Dodomat are making a smart move by adapting their e-commerce system based on various online strategies and customer feedback. By customising, their strategies are not bound to the available plugin options of the SAAS system, but they have the freedom to create their own features and provide a different user experience to their customers during the online purchase process. This gives business tremendous flexibility in planning and executing their strategies online and offline. Bravo Net’s role is not only to develop the system, but to consult our customer and provide them with ideas that have been used by industries leaders.

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Tecxus Marketing Sdn. Bhd. began operations in June 2016, representing Amara Raja Batteries Inc. of India in the distribution of Amaron brand automotive battery products in Malaysia. With an eye on the mass market for automotive batteries with an estimated value of more than RM900 million annually, they are gearing up with more than 100 years of experience in the Malaysian automotive batteries business to introduce this quality product to the ever-growing automotive market.


With the rapid increase in the number of sales of the company, registering warranty has become an issue for most of the countable lifespan electronic products. Without a proper record, customers’ claims can be very tedious and miss management on their warranty tracing period.



There are not any available solutions in the market to resolve the current operational problem. Tecxus Marketing’s digital solution aims to provide necessary system solutions to ease the entire operation process and to minimise human/operational error by harnessing the web and mobile application technologies. Working side by side with our client and understanding the core problems, the system has managed to increase the efficiency of the entire warranty process and minimise the human error by 70% overall.


At Bravo Net, we’ve worked with many partners and provided numerous digital solutions for different sizes of companies including start-ups, GLCs, MNCs, & PLCs. Some of the significant projects include. 

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