So we’ve covered the part one – (Choose the right tools) & part two –  (Choose the right template design) Is time to go into the final part.

When it comes to the website building, most people probably get confused by many things including on how to choose the perfect font design for your website. It might be sounds insignificant yet all the successful publications choose their font design wisely.  Hence, these tips here will help the non-experience user to have a stunning website with perfect font.

Tips for picking the right fonts
  1. Analyse your website category (business, wedding, finance etc) and match it with the font characteristic that would be represent your website brand.
  2. Do not pick the complex font design which user can’t read.
  3. Choose the versatile font.

The font design also known as Typography, have to be chosen carefully in order to make your website look better and user friendly. It would make the user feel ease to visit your website and enjoy when scrolling your article.

Furthermore, choosing the right font would improve your website identity and it would provide the best connection with your target audience.

The second thing, after choosing the perfect fonts, now, it is the right time to choose images that relevance with your website content. The selection for the right image can build trust among your customer.  In this article, I highlight the tips for selecting the right image.


Tips for selecting the right images
  1. Choose the right images that are relevance to your product and brand. It helps to build a connection with your potential customers.
  2. Use the informative images that can help to provide you a visual presentation of your product.
  3. Your website appeal to be more authentic when you are using images of real people or products.

Last but not least, you must ensure your website is usable, efficient, and easy on eyes in order to attract customers to visit your website frequently. In result, the user able to learn more about your business and it would create an engagement between customer and the product. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


Tips for improving your website UX – User Experience
  1. The most important details should be included in the homepage section. Besides, you can add anchor or inner page in order to lead the customer to different point of pages that would give them the tons of information regarding your product.
  2. The flow of your website should be structural that make sense and easy to be followed.
  3. Let’s imagine that your website is a journey that should be guide with a GPS. Make things clear, visible and easy to follow by user.
  4. The important fact, do not let user to open the new tabs except the contents are outside from your website sources.