Not every single entrepreneur is born with tons of luck and backed with a strong backup from the legacy gifted to him/her. Fortunately and unfortunately I’m not one of them. This is how I understand every single entrepreneur is an opportunist and willing to grab any chances in front of them which we call it as luck. 


I’m not showing my sour grapes attitude here but I do understand and I can relate myself to anyone who is facing challenges in different stages in their life. I remember there was one time i asked one who so-called “mentor” about one of the problems I’ve been facing when I started my entrepreneurship. He is the director and the shareholder of a listed company which I think he could give me some advice. But it’s the other way round.


The incident was when one of my ex-colleague formatted the company laptop upon returning to the company which caused trouble to me because all the data had been wiped out. I’m pretty emotional and furious after getting to know this and I can’t do anything because I didn’t prepare for all these HR “problems” when I started the company. When I told the so-called “mentor” about the issue, the response I was getting was that compared with his company my issue is just a small one, because they have hundreds of staff and mine is just only one. 


Well.. I was speechless at that time. I was expecting some solutions or prevention advice but I didn’t get any. Everyone of us will face any issue at any stage of our life, but we respond to the same issues differently at the different timeline and different contexts where we are. If you tried to make a comparison as advice or comfort to others, you are basically not putting yourself in his/her shoes. 


I realised that one person entrepreneurship is like a solo adventure in a RPG game. There is no menu, there is no guide, all you need to do is try, then fail, then restart and grow until you face the bosses and eventually complete the game. During the game you will face the same monster countlessly, at first you will fail, but eventually you will learn and the same monster can be wiped out easily after a few encounters.


Issues that happen again aren’t there to be repeated and let it be, and repeat and let it be, it’s meant for the company to continue  to grow and eventually become not an issue but a SOP in the company.


I’ve also continuously faced the same issues happen and happen again. But for any second round, it shall be the last encounter. I started the company with no guidance or mentor, but I’m glad that I’ve met anyone who appears to help me during my journey.